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The Let’s Go Outside Revolution

Peace in the heart, vitality, awe…some of the things I want my kids to feel…things that nature nurtured in me…a cool breeze on a warm day, the sparkle of fresh dewdrops on early morning grass, the quiet reflection of the setting sun…and a powerful emotion evoked with the smell of dry earth after soft rainfall…  My kids loved The Lets Go Outside Nature Camps – thank you so much Marghanita to you and Christine, Jasmine and ‘cool dude’ Sam (as my son would say) for awakening this in my kids and setting their imagination free. The wonderment on their little faces after each new critter found under a rock in our garden..testimony of their happiness. We look forward to the ‘Lets Go Outside’ Revolution! Sue Robinson

It was a truly rewarding experience teaching and learning from your spirited children Sue, thank you for sharing your children with us.


I am constantly learning from the children in the nature classes and feel privileged to be able to work and play with them in nature. It is thanks to you and your spirited children, and other families, individuals and organizations supporting the REVOLUTION and believing in the importance of connecting children with nature, that are creating a better future for our children. YOU ARE THE REVOLUTION!


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Let’s Go Outside…Together we can make BIG change!


My heart is full of love and hope, knowing so many care. I cannot express the joy it gifts me, meeting all these wonderful children who will one day become the stewards for our beautiful planet, thank you with all of my heart….Marghanita xx


The Let’s Go Outside Revolution Launches in Kelowna – Bertram Creek Park

Every child deserves the right to play outdoors and connect with nature.

UNPLUGGED & NO ELECTRONICS INSIGHT! – Just good old fashioned Games.

The treasure hunt was a huge success. The older children helped the younger ones read the clues. They dashed excitedly across the park searching from one clue to the next. Their little faces lit up when they discovered the treasure – what a joy to watch.

What was wonderful about Bertram Creek Park was the diversity of the space.

The toddlers and preschoolers loved hanging out on the beach and doing the nature based crafts.

The older boys enjoyed the excitement of hunting for sticks and building a dam at the creek and playing ball.

Of course, my favorite activity will be no surprise to the people who know me… building fairy houses.

I must have built hundreds of butterfly girl fairy houses and critter homes of all shapes and sizes. Yet, it never ceases to provide me with an enormous amount of joy and excitement. This activity kept the little ones engaged forever and even older children seemed to delight in the simple thrill of finding a pine cone and adding their little piece of nature to the fairy house.

The teenagers enjoyed the deck as the sun went down and the city’s light began to sparkle in the distance.

I so desperately wanted to have a real fire but under the park regulations this was not possible.

However, thanks to Fritzjop, we found an alternative. Wickerland kindly donated a firepit for the evening. To complete the magic, we had David Jones (a scout leader), play his guitar as we gathered around the fire. You could feel a sense of connection. A togetherness as we sang, danced and laughed and watched the sunset.

I was deeply touched by both the children and the parents I met that evening – it truly was a magical start to the “Let’s Go Outside” REVOLUTION!!!  I would like to share with you a few of the comments from the parents…

“The kids don’t want to leave”.

“The highlight of our week, I wish we could do this every Friday”.

“There is nothing more beautiful than watching your children in awe of mother nature, thank you Marghanita”.

“Kids don’t feel the cold when they’re running about, it’s us parents that do the complaining. It was so nice to have the fire.”

“It’s so great to see our kids roam about free, they don’t get to do that much”. “We’ll definitely be visiting this park again”.

“I’ll feel really good about putting the kids to bed tonight”.

Listening to all the parents tell me how they felt brought tears to my eyes. When I went to bed that evening, I felt an overwhelming feeling of joy and hope for the future for our children and our beautiful little planet.

Together, we can create change. Join the revolution-be part of a better future!

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We are currently building a network of educators, parents, politicians and organizations that have the same passion for getting kids outdoors.

Take this REVOLUTION and make it your own. Be the Revolution and share your events, photographs, videos with us. Your event doesn’t have to be big, it could even take place in your backyard.

Be part of a better future!

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