The “Let’s Go Outside” Revolution is about growing a generation of Happy Healthy Children by changing the way children spend their time. It’s a movement for you, your family and your community. If you care about your children and their future and the planets future, take this revolution and make it your own.

My beautiful friend and kindred spirit Anja Geelen shares with us why there is a need for a revolution:

The enchantment of childhood, finding your inner core of love.   by Anja Geelen

Children have a natural love for all living things. This natural love seems to be lost during the years
to adulthood. Children are spending more time inside and less outside. The lack of time and space
to spend outside is having an effect on our children’s emotional well being.

According to Aristotle the highest form of love is that a man loves himself. Inside all of us we have
a core of love. For children, it is important to become aware of this as it contributes to their feeling
of healthy self-love and to know that they have love to give to others. Connecting with their own
inner core of love helps the child to develop their self-esteem and to relate peacefully to those
around them. Connecting with nature helps a child to find this inner love. Being in the natural
world cultivates stillness, a silence that brings knowledge within ourselves. The squirrel running up
and down the tree, the deer frozen in silence, the autumn leaves swirling through the sky, the sun
rays touching the face. These are authentic experiences in the natural world that are so vital for a
child to develop their inner love. Not only to love themselves, but also to give love and to receive
love. Love to live their life with all their heart.

Children are young and happy. They have an unlimited imagination and a strong belief that all
things are possible. They are full of love. When exposed to a love of the outdoors, they will want
more and see more love around them. The more time they spend in the outdoors, the more they will
find comfort. When in a time of stress, their unlimited imagination will connect them to the bird in
the tree and the bee on the flower. A feeling of peace and calmness will refresh them, enabling them
to tackle whatever comes their way.
It seems that in this day and age we have to teach our children to connect, admire nature, and to find
their inner core of love. Their natural sense of wonder for anything that is part of our beautiful
natural world is sadly diminishing at a fast rate. Many children today seem to spend little time
outside. If they are outside, it is seldom for the sake of daydreaming or just having fun for fun’s
sake. Finding quiet moments to imagine, question, dream, and to be alone with their own thoughts
are crucial for today’s hurried child.

Initiatives like The Let’s Go Outside Revolution empowers our children that they are the revolution,
and shows that there is hope. Hope for our children to connect with nature, hope for our children to
experience the awe and wonder of our beautiful world. Hope for love.
Outside is anywhere, any place. It can be your own backyard, the local park, or even the green
council strip across the road. No matter where you live, there is a green space near you. There is an
abundance of life right there, and if you are open to it, you will find the love and wisdom that comes
with it. The bee knows where to get the nectar, the bird knows where to find a worm, the caterpillar
knows when it is time to metamorphose and emerge as a butterfly. There is love and wisdom
wherever you look. Join the revolution and create time and space for your child to play, run, hop,
hide, jump, enjoy the moment, ponder and to connect with what is the most important in their life,
their own essence. Keep the enchantment of childhood alive. Let’s go outside!
– Anja



ANJA GEELEN has been a Montessori directress for several years before she opened her own Montessori preschool, Tawa Montessori Preschool, in Wellington, Aotearoa – New Zealand. In September 2009 Anja opened a new purpose build enviro Montessori preschool, Little Earth Montessori Kapiti, in Paraparaumu.

Marghanita Hughes founder of the Let’s Go outside Revolution is a children’s author and illustrator, a naturalist and creator of the award winning nature based children’s brand- The Little Humbugs. Marghanita continues to actively engage children with nature by bringing nature into schools,  running nature based art workshops and nature play events. Visit marghanita @ www.marghanita.com

You are what you do, not what you say.”  Join the Revolution – Be part of a better future!